Instander APK v17.2 Download Official for Android 2023


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Instander APK is an InstaMod which Allows Users to Download Photos, Videos, IGTV and Reels in High Quality. Download Instander for Android 2023.

Instagram has become a central hub in my online world, serving as a premier destination for social networking. This platform is a treasure trove of entertainment, offering me a front-row seat to updates from my favorite stars and influencers. It’s not just about consuming content; I also love sharing snapshots of my life, and in turn, getting a glimpse into the lives of my friends and followers through their stories. For Android users, Instander stands out as a noteworthy modification of the Instagram app. This free alternative enhances the original with numerous improvements. Yet, like many digital platforms, it’s not without its shortcomings in user experience. This gap has inspired developers to craft their own versions of such apps, with Instander APK emerging as a top contender for those seeking a more tailored Instagram experience.

What is Instander APK?

Instander is an innovative InstaMod for Android, enhancing the Instagram experience. It allows high-quality downloads of photos, videos, IGTV, and reels. Users enjoy features like ad-free browsing, and the ability to copy bios, comments, and descriptions. This free app modification adds new capabilities to the standard Instagram app. Instander APK, specifically for Android, offers extended features for Instagram users. It provides access to your Instagram account with enhanced functionalities. This alternative to the basic Instagram app unlocks exclusive features, enriching social media use.

Download Updated Version Of Instander Always

Created by developer Dmitry Gavrilov, also known as thedise, this application is crafted with safety in mind. It ensures a superb browsing experience without the fear of bans, thanks to its advanced anti-ban properties. The newest version of Instander APK brings all features unlocked, along with bug fixes and enhancements over prior versions. As an Instamod, it’s not available on the Play Store due to restrictions. Yet, you can easily download the latest version of Instander APK using the provided link, ensuring an optimal online social experience.

What is the difference between Clone & UnClone?

“Clone” and “UnClone” are both creations of the same developer, featuring identical functionalities. The key distinction lies in their package names, enabling the installation of two Instagram applications on a single Android device.

The Clone version bears the package name, allowing it to function independently as a standalone app. On the other hand, the UnClone version, with its package name com.insta, requires the removal of the original Instagram app for it to work effectively.

Features Of Instander APK Updated Version

Enhanced Media Download Capabilities

Instander revolutionizes the way users interact with media on Instagram. Imagine a platform where every laugh-inducing video, every visually captivating image is no longer ephemeral, but a permanent treasure you can keep. With Instander, the woes of using third-party downloaders, which often come with intrusive ads and bloated software, are a thing of the past. This app isn’t just a tool; it’s a gateway to preserving those moments of joy, allowing you to seamlessly download and store your favorite content directly onto your device. Say goodbye to the frustration of fleeting memories on Instagram and welcome a new era of personalized media collection.

Personalized Close Friends List

The Instander app introduces an intimate touch to social sharing with its ‘Close Friends List’. This feature caters to the nuanced nature of personal connections, allowing you to craft a curated circle for sharing specific content. Whether it’s an inside joke or a personal moment, this list ensures your stories reach only those who truly resonate with their essence. Adjustments to this list are discreet, offering a fluid social experience without the awkwardness of notifying removed members. It’s a perfect blend of privacy and social interaction, tailored to your personal network dynamics.

Story Visibility Control

Privacy takes a front seat with Instander’s ‘Hide Stories from List’ feature. In today’s world, where digital exposure is constant, this function empowers you to control who sees your stories. From everyday moments to live videos, you decide the audience, ensuring your content aligns with your comfort and privacy preferences. It’s a powerful tool for crafting a social narrative that’s authentic to your personality, without the concern of unwelcome viewers.

Flexible Messaging Options

Instander also addresses the nuances of social interactions with its ‘Allow Message Replies’ feature. This tool empowers you to filter out negativity by controlling who can respond to your posts. Whether you’re looking to open a dialogue with your wider community, limit it to your acquaintances, or shut down unsolicited opinions, Instander gives you the reins to your social interactions. This feature is especially useful in maintaining a positive and constructive social media environment, free from unwarranted negativity.

Innovative Story Archiving

The ‘Save Story to Archive’ function is a digital haven for your memories. Whether it’s a lack of storage space or a desire for privacy, this feature effortlessly saves your stories to an archive accessible only to you. It’s a thoughtful solution for preserving moments without cluttering your device or exposing them to prying eyes. Additionally, the ‘Save Live to Archive’ option extends this functionality to live videos, offering a 30-day window to revisit these ephemeral moments.

Enhanced Sharing Controls

Sharing on Instander becomes a selective and intentional act. With customizable sharing settings, you have the power to decide if and how your feed posts and IGTV videos can be shared by others. This feature respects your content’s integrity, allowing you to maintain control over its distribution. It’s an empowering tool for creators and casual users alike, ensuring your content aligns with your sharing preferences.

Ad-Free Experience

Instander’s commitment to an uninterrupted social experience is exemplified by its ‘No Advertisements’ feature. This eliminates the distraction of sponsored content, allowing you to focus on what truly matters in your feed. It’s a refreshing change from the ad-laden landscape of conventional social media apps, offering a purer, more focused browsing experience.

Broadened Search Horizons

The ‘Wide Search Content’ feature in Instander opens up a world of diverse content. From DIY projects to globetrotting adventures, culinary delights to artistic expressions, the app offers a rich tapestry of content that caters to a wide array of interests. This feature is a doorway to discovery, inspiring users to explore new horizons and indulge in a variety of engaging content.

User-Centric Analytics and Reporting

Instander’s ‘Analytics and Crash Reports’ feature respects user privacy while enhancing app performance. Users have the autonomy to disable analytics, ensuring their in-app behavior remains private. Conversely, those seeking a tailored experience can enable analytics for personalized content recommendations. Additionally, the option to report app crashes contributes to a continuously improving user experience, making Instander a dynamic and responsive platform.

Discreet Ghost Mode

‘Ghost Mode’ in Instander is a testament to the app’s understanding of modern communication nuances. This feature includes options to hide typing status, viewer activity on stories, and unread messages. It’s a tool designed for those who cherish discretion in their digital interactions, ensuring communication remains a matter of personal timing and comfort.

Elevated Media Quality

Instander’s ‘Quality Improvements’ feature is a game-changer for content creators and enthusiasts. It enhances the quality of IGTV videos, photos, reels, and stories, overcoming Instagram’s traditional compression limits. This feature ensures that the visual fidelity of your content is preserved, offering a richer, more vibrant visual experience.

Intuitive Smart Gestures

‘Smart Gestures’ in Instander bring a layer of convenience and efficiency to app navigation. With gestures like swipe navigation, long-tap zooming, and double-tap liking, the app becomes more interactive and user-friendly. These gestures, customizable to individual preferences, enhance the overall user experience, making social browsing both enjoyable and efficient.

Miscellaneous Features

Instander’s array of ‘Miscellaneous’ features addresses the finer details of social media interaction. From full-screen stories to an in-app browser, these features refine the user experience, offering a comprehensive and thoughtful social media platform. Each setting is designed with user convenience in mind, making Instander a versatile and user-friendly app.

Supportive Verification System

Instander’s unique ‘Donate to get verified’ system fosters a sense of community and support. By contributing to the app’s development, users earn a special verification badge, visible to fellow supporters. This system not only encourages the support of the app’s development but also creates a sense of belonging among its users.

Discover People Feature

Lastly, the ‘Discover People’ feature in Instander adds a personal touch to social networking. By connecting users with people in their contact list who have Instagram accounts, it fosters real-world connections, enabling users to explore and deepen relationships beyond the digital realm.

Instander APK Files Details:

App NameInstander
Size71 MB
MOD InfoFor Android
Last update1 Hour Ago

Steps to Download the Latest Instander APK V17.2 for Android

If you’re keen on upgrading your Instagram experience with Instander APK, here’s how you can get started:

  • Preparation: Begin by removing any existing Instagram-related apps from your Android device. This step ensures a smooth installation process for Instander.
  • Locating the Download Link: Navigate to the webpage hosting the Instander APK. You’ll find a clearly marked section or button for downloading the Instander APK. Click on it to initiate the download.
  • Downloading the APK: Wait for the APK file to download completely. This may take a few minutes depending on your internet speed.
  • Adjusting Your Settings: Before installation, access the settings on your phone. Head to the ‘Security Settings’ and enable the option to ‘Allow Access to Unknown Sources.’ This step is crucial for installing apps outside the Google Play Store.
  • Installation Process: Locate the downloaded Instander APK file in your Files folder. Tap on it to begin the installation process and follow any on-screen instructions.

Downloading Instander APK on a Windows PC

For those who prefer using their PC, downloading Instander APK is straightforward:

  • Downloading an Emulator: First, you’ll need an Android emulator. Search for ‘Bluestacks’ using your preferred web browser and download it from a reputable source.
  • Installing the Emulator: Once Bluestacks is downloaded, run the installer and follow the prompts to install it on your PC.
  • Finding Instander APK: Open Bluestacks and use its search function to look for ‘Instander APK.’ Press enter to search, and you’ll be presented with a list of results.
  • Installation: From the search results, select the Instander app and click on the ‘install now’ option to start the installation.

Installing Instander APK on Android

Finally, to get Instander up and running on your Android device:

  • Initial Setup: Ensure no other Instagram mods are present on your device. Then, in your device settings, enable installation from unknown sources to permit the installation of Instander.
  • Starting the Installation: Find the Instander APK file in your Files folder and select it. A prompt will appear asking for installation permissions.
  • Completing the Installation: Click on ‘install now’ and wait for the process to complete. Once done, you’ll find the Instander icon alongside your other apps.
  • Enjoying Instander: Open Instander and start exploring its enhanced features for a richer Instagram experience.

Final Words

Instander APK reimagines the Instagram experience, elevating it beyond the ordinary with a suite of advanced features. This free mod offers a seamless blend of connectivity, entertainment, and personalization, allowing users to stay in touch with loved ones, follow their favorite icons, engage in business, and share life’s moments with the world. Its standout capabilities, like effortless downloading of videos, images, IGTV, and stories, along with customizable profiles, transform the standard Instagram journey into an extraordinary digital adventure. Embrace Instander APK for a richer, more fulfilling social media experience that transcends the limitations of the original app, making your Instagram interaction not just better, but truly exceptional.


What is Instander?

Instander is a modified version of the original Instagram app. It offers additional features and functionalities not available in the standard Instagram app, such as downloading media, enhanced privacy settings, and customizable profiles.

Is Instander free to use?

Yes, Instander is a free application. Users can download and use it without any charges.

How do I download and install Instander?

To download Instander, you need to visit a website that hosts the APK file. After downloading, you must allow installation from unknown sources in your device settings and then proceed to install the APK file.

Is Instander available for iOS devices?

As of my last update, Instander is primarily developed for Android devices and may not be available for iOS users.

Is it safe to use Instander?

While many users use modded apps without issues, it’s important to be aware that they are not official apps and may pose risks such as privacy breaches or security vulnerabilities. It’s recommended to download from trusted sources and be cautious with personal information.

How often is Instander updated?

The frequency of updates can vary. It’s best to check the source where you downloaded Instander for the latest updates and information.